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Tuncay AYAS;tayas@sakarya.edu.tr ; Sakarya Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi BÖTE Bölümü 54300 Hendek/Sakarya Turkey

Online Journal of TEchnology Addiction & Cyberbullying, which is published twice a year on the responsibility of the Editorial Board, has started to be published as an international refereed journal in the field of technology addiction and cyberbullying.

Online Journal of TEchnology Addiction & Cyberbullying aims to be a source of reference in which academicians studying in technology, technology addiction  and cyberbullying can publish their studies and have access to related studies. The main aim of the journal is to increase and disseminate the literature in negative effects of technology. Online Journal of TEchnology Addiction & Cyberbullying has been established to publish quantitative, qualitative and literature review studies in technology, addiction and bullying subjects.

Online Journal of TEchnology Addiction & Cyberbullying (OJTAC) is an international refereed and scientific journal which is published twice a year.

OJTAC publishes high quality original articles (quantitative, qualitative and literature review) and introduction of books which are contributing to Technology, Addiction and Cyberbullying.

The language of the journal is English and Turkish.

The articles that will be submitted to OJTAC are required not to be published anywhere else and not to be sent to be considered for publishing in other journals.

Articles submitted for publication in OJTAC are obliged to be appropriate to writing and publishing policies of the journal. Articles which are not appropriate to writing and publishing policies of the journal will be sent back to author(s) without consideration.

The studies which have been presented in any congresses, symposiums or workshops previously can only be published by stating the name, place and date.

Papers examined by OJTAC editors are delivered to two reviewers to be considered. OJTAC implements a double-blind peer review process. On rejection of one of the reviewers, papers are delivered to a third reviewer.

Authors are responsible for the views expressed and the rightness of references.

It is assumed that author(s) transferred all of the publishing rights of submitted studies to OJTAC.

Editorial Board decides which articles will be published according to reports of reviewers.

Applications should be made via www.ojtac.com. Other applications will not be considered.

In the submission process, authors must check their submissions’ suitability according to the criteria in the following list.

Journal Information
  • ISSN: 2148-7308
  • e-ISSN: 2148-7308
  • Period: Yılda 2 Sayı
  • Start: 2014
  • Publisher: Furkan AYDIN
  • Country: Brazil
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